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💦Horse Trough Water Purifier Cube💦

💦Horse Trough Water Purifier Cube💦

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Instantly Make Drinking Troughs Algae-Free & Safe For Horses with Horse Trough Water Purifier Cube! 


Horse Trough Water Purifier Cube

The unclean water tank is harmful to the life of your farm animals. Say goodbye to the trouble of constantly changing cloudy water tank. The Water Purifier Cube is an Ultra-Absorption Activated Carbon Block that can maintain clean drinking water for your farm animals. 


Water Purifier Formulas 

The Water Purifier Cube is made of Honeycombed Ultra-Absorption Activated Carbon Block that can effectively help to filter dirt, cloudiness, odor, bacteria, and even remove algae in livestock trough. Solid composition, no powder, no impurities, and does not cause black water. 

Safe For All Animals

The Water Purifier Cube is specially made to provide clean, algae-free water for all animals, including aqua life & reptiles. It is safe for use for animals only.


Note: This product does not work for humans' drinking water.

Easy to Use

Simply put it in the tank. Just wash it with soap and warm water, and you can put it back in the water tank again. Wash the cube with warm water before using. These cubes are long-lasting with maintenance but advisable for a change every 6 months to ensure clean drinking water for animals. One cube works for 40L. Depending on the size of the tank, a few blocks might be needed.

Ensure Clean Drinking Water For Horses with Horse Trough Water Purifier Cube Today! Get Yours NOW!


Material: Honeycombed Ultra-Absorption Activated Carbon Block


Size: 100*100*50mm

Package Inclusions: 1pc. Horse Trough Water Purifier Cube


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💦Horse Trough Water Purifier Cube💦